Staff Rules & Regulations

This section aims to give you a very brief introduction to the INL Staff Rules & Regulations. More detailed information is described in the hardcopy version available at the INL Research & Education Office (REO).


The INL Staff Rules & Regulations is an essential document created with especially attractive conditions for INL staff and researchers. This text is more than a brief summary of INL employment conditions because it reflects INL's commitment to the scientific community, as well as reproduces the vision of the construction of a challenging scientific and technological environment to compete at an international level.

1. How are INL employees classified?

Depending on contract conditions, responsibilities and job functions, all INL employees are divided into 2 main groups: employed members of personnel and associated members of personnel. Each main group contains different categories, with different benefits, obligations and contract conditions for each category.

Categories of employed members of the personnel (MPE):

  1. staff members (Ts).
  2. fellows (Fb).

Categories of associate members of the personnel (MPA):

  1. associates (At).
  2. users (Us).
  3. students (St).

2. How do privileges and immunities affect INL employees?

Basically the privileges and immunities of INL employees are granted to them in the interest of the Organisation and not in their own interests. These privileges and immunities do not exempt INL members of the personnel from fulfilling their private obligations nor from complying with the relevant legislation, in particular that which applies to their place of residence.

Among other privileges and immunities, INL members of the personnel are entitled to the Organisation's protection in what concerns any damage they may suffer by virtue of their status of member or former member of the personnel. Their families may also be entitled to this protection.

3. What are the conditions of employment and association?

Firstly, the INL Council appoints the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General and, on recommendation of the Director-General, the Directorate members and the heads of department. The Director-General has the power to appoint and dismiss the members of the personnel.

Such appointments shall be the subject of a contract signed by the Director-General and the new member of the personnel, stipulating the conditions of employment or association, the category, the date of commencement and the duration of the appointment, the duty station, the remuneration and, where applicable, family and other allowances or indemnities and any other relevant information.

4. How does INL's remuneration scheme work?

The final remuneration package includes different chapters and is assigned according to the multiple variables that accompany each individual. Among others, INL's remuneration package is composed of:

  1. remunerations (basic salary for staff members, stipend for fellows).
  2. subsistence allowances for associate members of the personnel.
  3. financial awards and allowances paid by the Organisation on the basis of the Rules.

4.1. Basic salary and advancement

Within a career path, staff members shall be classified in a salary band and step according to their expertise. The scale of basic salaries sets out the various salary bands and the value of the steps within them. They are paid twelve times a year.

4.2. Allowances

Allowances are also assigned depending on category and career path.

  1. Subsistence allowances are assigned to associates and students according to the limits specified by the INL Staff Rules and Regulations.
  2. Non-Resident allowance is paid to staff members in career paths C to G, whose home station is outside a circle of 150 km radius, with its centre at the duty station and who, at the time their contract is drawn up, are residents outside that circle, have been residing within it for less than five years or have been residing within it as a member of personnel of an International organization, an non-resident allowance under the conditions laid down in the Annex I of the Staff rules and regulations.
  3. Family allowance.
  4. Generally speaking, family allowances are assigned to married members of personnel with at least one dependent child. More information about what "Family" means is provided in the INL Staff Rules and Regulations.
  5. Child allowance.
  6. Assigned to members of personnel for each dependent child.
  7. Infant allowance.
  8. Assigned to members of personnel for each dependent child aged up to 3 years.
  9. Education fees for dependent children.
  10. INL also awards staff members and fellows education fees for each dependent child in educational or training programs.
  11. Other allowances and financial benefits.
  12. Members of personnel may be entitled to other financial benefits associated to language courses, training programs, and travel or installation indemnities. More detail is specified in the hardcopy version of the INL Staff Rules and Regulations.

5. What is the duration of employment contracts?

Staff members shall be employed on the basis of a limited-duration contract for a maximum initial period of four years. A limited-duration contract may be renewed or extended once or several times to reach a maximum total period of six years.

Beyond this six-year limit, the Director-General may exceptionally renew or extend:

  1. a full-time limited-duration contract once or several times to reach a maximum total period of nine years where this contract relates to a function necessary for the completion of special projects.
  2. a part-time limited-duration contract for one or several maximum periods of four years.

6. How does the INL pension scheme work?

INL Members of the personnel make compulsory contributions to the Portuguese National Scheme according to Staff Rules & Regulations and specific resolutions.

7. How does INL Health Insurance Scheme work?

INL members of the personnel will be enrolled in the Portuguese National Health System. Additionally, they will be awarded a complementary private health insurance scheme. The full package aims to provide coverage to the staff members and their families against accidents, illnesses and disabilities.

8. How does this Taxation scheme apply?

INL shall levy an internal tax each year on the financial and family benefits that it pays to the members of the personnel. Members of the personnel shall comply with the national tax legislation applicable to them.

9. What are the reference hours of work?

As a reference, the INL working week shall be 40 hours with 8 working hours/day.

10. What type of Leaves (and their duration) are INL employees entitled to?

Employed members of the personnel are entitled to the following leaves:

  1. Annual leave, calculated at the rate of two and a half working days per month of service.
  2. Compassionate leave up to three months to care for a close relative.
  3. Leave for family events such as marriage, maternity, and death of relatives.
  4. Home leave.
  5. and other special leaves awarded for special external services and reasons.

11. Other Information

For more information regarding the INL Staff Rules and Regulations, categories, scales, annexes and additional services and benefits provided by the organization you should contact the INL Research and Education Office.