Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer

For Industry

Advising external Investors interested on Nanotechnology & Nanoscience.

Nanoscale science and engineering is a growing focus of exciting research and discovery. Many experts in business, science and academia consider this emerging discipline the base of the next industrial revolution and the next stock market super growth area. On the other hand, some investors are wary of a nanotechnology boom and don’t feel themselves confident about the potential and risks associated to this technology.

The only true is that the incoming impact of nanotechnology will have across the entire value chain of a many products and industries. Applications in medicine, food, electronics, solar and fuel cells, batteries, Clean Technologies or Fighter, durable or self-cleaning materials are already in the market.

In order to keep INL at the cutting edge of technology transfer management, our organization adopted and integrated intelligence market tools, and methodologies that reduce the time to market of the research activity and provides an in-depth look-up of industries value chains and people needs. Counseling and advice to investors interested on Nanotechnology also involves budgeting and prospective analysis of new technologies, tech market research tool and risk analysis in the decision –making investment process.

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