Spectral Imaging Ellipsometry

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The nanofilm_ep3_se from Accurion GmbH is a specialized ellipsometer used for spatially resolved measurements of ellipsometry angles Δ and Ψ. Ellipsometry is well-established technique for the optical and geometrical characterization of nanosized thin film stacks. In September 2013, the system has been upgraded with some unique features, especially in terms of illumination. A laser assembly consisting of a supercontinuum fibre laser (450-1000nm) and a diode laser rack providing five laser wavelengths between 370 and 445nm obtains spectrally resolved ellipsometry measurements. Furthermore, hardware pre-configuration have been applied to extend functionality of the ellipsometer to perform measurements between 1000 and 1700nm. This device can perform Variable Angle Ellipsometry (VAE) through a motorized goniometer. A custom-made stage provides mounting of Silicon wafers with a diameter up to 200mm and additional liquid handling components allow for the detection of surface plasmon resonances, e.g. allowing for the sensitive detection of protein binding.

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Surface Charaterisation, Surface Plasmon Resonance


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