Wide-field Fluorescense Microscope for Life Sciences

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Manufacturer: Nikon; Model: Ti-E. This microscope provides fast and completely automated fluorescence imaging capabilities. It also offers a variety of contrast enhancing techniques for transmitted light image formation of living biological specimens. Fluorescence excitation is provided by a high performance broadband Xenon light source integrated with a fast filter wheel coupled via a liquid light guide to the microscope. Light is detected with a scientific complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (sCMOS) sensor (NEO, Andor Technology), providing full-frame rates up to 100Hz at read-out noise levels comparable to electron multiplying charge coupled (emCCD) cameras. This detector, in combination with piezo controlled Z movement, an environmental control chamber and a deconvolution software package (Huygens, Scientific Volume Imaging), provides a state-of-the-art platform for the study of fluorescence dynamics in living cells.

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