Hyperthermia equipment

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nB nanoScale Biomagnetics DM 100 - This tool is basically an AC magnetic field generator. An oscillating magnetic field is generated inside a water-cool-refrigerated cupper coil when an alternate current flows through it. The equipment works at different frequencies and intensities of the magnetic field. Eight different fixed modes of frequencies can be selected between 300 kHz and almost 1 MHz, whereas the intensity of the magnetic field can be varied continuously up to 250-320 Oe (depending on the mode of frequency selected previously). Samples should be preferably in liquid state (i.e. ferrofluids). The sample holder consists of a small glass vial that is placed in the mid-point of the cupper coil. The sample temperature increase as a function of the time is measured during the experiment by means of an optical fiber which is immersed directly in the sample. From a typical experiment, a temperature vs. time curve is obtained and shown on time in a computer screen.

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