Fluorescence Life Time Spectroscopy

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ISS Chronos BH - Time domain time-resolved fluorescence system “Chronos” is equipped with multiple excitation sources: laser diodes (363nm and 467nm) and UV LED (280nm). This modular instrument has been designed for research-grade fluorescence applications; it can be used for steady-state fluorescence measurements and time-domain lifetime acquisition (time-correlated single photon counting measurements, TCSPC) using data acquisition card SPC-130 by Becker and Hickl (BH). Monochromators are coupled directly to the instrument. The fluorescence signal is sent to the light detectors, either photomultiplier tubes (steady state mode, R928P by Hamamatsu) or hybrid PMT (time-resolved measurements, R10467U-40 GaAsP Hybrid PMT by Hamamatsu).
Chronos is designed on a T-format geometry: one excitation channel and two identical emission channels positioned on the same axis and at 90 degrees with respect to the optical axis of the excitation channel (T-format). Polarizers are present both in the excitation and emission channels. The system can detect lifetimes down to 30ps. For more information please see link

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