Hot wall Chemical Vapour Deposition Tool

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CVD Nano - EasyTube 3000 from FirstNano-CVD Corporation is a three zone hot wall quartz tube furnace designed for graphene growth on 4”-wafers or on rectangular substrates up to 4” × 8” in area, with uniform and precise temperature control. Processes can be run at atmospheric pressure or in vacuum at a maximum working temperature of 1100 °C. Process gases available are methane, hydrogen, argon and ammonia. Hydrogen is used also as carrier gas for the solid source precursor source. The system has a load-lock to avoid contamination of the process tube, also allowing for hot load/unload. Processes are recipe driven, fully automatic, controlled by CVDWinPRC™ software running on PC and communicating with PLC for optimum safety and process documentation/repeatability.

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