FTIR Spectrometer

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Bruker VERTEX 80v FTIR spectrometer is a versatile analytical instrument equipped with options for characterization of a wide variety of samples. The spectrometer and sample compartment can be evacuated down to 1 mbar vacuum, which enables operation in spectral ranges from ultraviolet to far infrared. The system is equipped with a ceramic source and KBr beamsplitter for mid-IR (MIR) measurements as well as a mercury arc lamp and mylar beamsplitters for THz/far-IR (FIR) measurements. Detector options include room-temperature DLaTGS for MIR and FIR, as well as a liquid-nitrogen-cooled MCT for enhanced sensitivity in MIR. The sample compartment during measurements can remain in ambient air, under dry nitrogen purge, or be evacuated. Available accessories include: mount for transmission measurements, variable-angle reflection stage, ATR stage for solid/powder samples, temperature-controlled ATR stage for liquid samples, and temperature-controlled cell for transmission measurements on liquid samples.

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