Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter

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Bio-Rad S3 is an automated instrument for performing flow cytometry and cell sorting. The instrument is equipped with two 100-mW laser sources (operating at 488 and 561 nm), four PMT fluorescence detectors (525, 586, 615, and 655 nm), and narrow-bandpass forward- and side-scattering detectors. Routine calibration and alignment are performed automatically on system start-up to ensure quantitative and reproducible measurements.
The sensitivity of the instrument enables measurements of both animal and bacterial cells. Cytometry is performed in jet-in-air format, followed by optional two-channel sorting using electrostatic deflection plates. Both sample input and output stages can be operated at a controlled temperature, the input stage also provides optional sample agitation. Sorting output can be directed into tubes, micro-wells, or onto glass slides.

Available for external use

Associated technology

Optical analysis (fluorescence and scattering), counting, and sorting of animal and bacterial cells


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