Project Title: Novel Nano-enabled Energy Efficient and Safe HVAC ducts and systems contributing to a healthier indoor environment

Project Acronym: NANO-HVAC
This project aims at developing an innovative approach for insulation of HVAC ducts while introducing new cleaning and maintenance technologies, all enabled by cost-effective application of nanotechnology
The scientific and technological objectives within this project are focused on the development of energy saving, cost effective insulation solutions for the HVAC ducts; and also on the removal of pathogens and allergens during maintenance in a cost effective way and based on nanotechnology applications.
The project duration is of 36 months, it will be implemented from September 2012 to August 2015; and joins 11 partners (academic and industrial), from 7 countries.
The EU supports this project within the FP7 Cooperation programme, through the NMP theme, with a total budget of 4,2 million Euros for 3 years.
For more information on this project namely detailed objectives, activities, list of partners, news and updates please refer to the NANO-HVAC project´s website.