Project Title:  A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials

Project acronym: NANoREG

The apparently unlimited innovative and economic potential of manufactured or engineered nano materials (MNMs) stands in sharp contrast to our current understanding of MNM safety. Acceleration in reducing the uncertainties about risks must be given more attention, partly because social concern is expected to increase, but also because Industry needs to reduce time to market for new products.

Safe production and use of nanomaterials, contributing to consumer confidence is the ultimate goal of this project, which will bring together the activities of national authorities responsible for worker protection, public health and environment and create the basis for common approaches, mutually acceptable datasets and risk management practices.

The scientific and technical objectives of this project are:

  • To provide legislators with a set of tools for risk assessment and decision making instruments for the short to medium term, by gathering data and performing pilot risk assessment, including exposure monitoring and control, for a selected number of nanomaterials used in products.
  • To develop for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to a high number of nanomaterials where many factors can affect their environmental and health impact.
  • To establish a close collaboration among authorities and industry with regard to the knowledge required for appropriate risk management, and create the basis for common approaches, mutually acceptable datasets and risk management practices.

The NANoREG project will establish a better level of trust between industry and policy developers and also establish a new, demand driven approach, involving the interaction of material specialists and nano-toxicologists. This will help to establish trust between the main players, namely regulators, scientific community and industry. With this project we will get not only a better coordination of the EU research agenda regarding the reduction of risk of nano materials, but improved or more focused interaction between industry, regulators and the scientific community.

NANoREG has a duration of 42 months and will be implemented from March 2013 to August 2016. It has a total budget of 48,7 million Euro, joins 57 partners from 14 countries and is coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands . The role of INL will be to establish and test specific measurement and characterization methods and offer a wide set of wellcharacterized manufactured or engineered nanomaterials (MNMs).