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Farewell Rasa (Master student at the UBNP group @ INL)

Published 05-31-2016


Rasa Ozolina left INL at the end of April and she is currently finalizing her master thesis for submission to the Technical University of Tampere in Finland in the frame of the master studies in Computing and Electrical Engineering, with a major in Biomedical Engineering. Rasa obtained an Erasmus+ fellowship and the support from TUT to perform her master project at INL and at University of Minho, under the supervision of Dr. Jana Nieder and Dr. Marlene Lucio, respectively. Prof. Jari Hyttinen is the Examiner of this work.

We already congratulated her for the work that she performed here at INL. She succeeded in performing a challenging interdisciplinary project that combined the nanoengineering of smart drug delivery systems for anti cancer drug delivery (at U Minho), the characterization using biophysical analysis methods including steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy that allow nanolocalization of the drug inside the fabricated liposomal nanocarrier formulations; she developed Matlab-based data fitting tools and learned cell culturing with the great support from Vania Vilas-Boas, to finally be able to test her drug delivery systems in interaction with two types of cancer cells, which show improved more controlled cell uptake dynamics compared to free drug in solution and to which improved more controlled cell uptake dynamics compared to free drug in solution and to currently available commercial drug delivery systems. Rasa also actively helped in outreach events at INL, for example, she participated at the “INL goes to Âncora” event.

Besides her hard-working and motivating attitude, we will miss her inspiring and fun company during group outings and lunches!

All the best wishes for the future!

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