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First nanotechnology-based startup accelerator kicks-off with one billion business opportunities everyone can see

Published 02-10-2017

Braga, 02 February  2017 – From the North of Portugal, Nanotechnology is key in this new program designed by INL, CeNTI, with the support of Startup Braga and the University of Minho. Startup Nano has just kicked off and Easy Biopsy, Go Clean, Best Health and Graphenest – the first winners of the initial stage of the programme – are moving into the second stage: acceleration. 2017 also comes with a second edition of Startup Nano. 

StartupNano opens its doors to entrepreneurs around from the world working with nanotechnology-based products. From the North of Portugal, startups have access to support to go from idea to global markets, with access to unique laboratories and expertise in nanotechnology, and feel like home with incubation in a unique international infrastructure and expertise for nanotechnology built by Portugal and Spain governments in Braga.

“99% of the startup communities are focused on IT because that was the most active field in the past. This program – specifically focused on nanotechnology – is unique. It’s new, not only here in Braga, but it’s unique and new in the whole world”. Volodymyr Khranovskyy, CEO of Go Clean, joining from Sweden.

The process for the first focused nanotechnology startup accelerator is quite simple: there is a Launchpad stage – teams present their ideas so that technologies and markets are validated – and the winners then enter the so-called nanotechnology acceleration program. During four intensive months, they will use the prizes to develop the product and the business with international mentors and experts, before joining an immersion program in  the USA and UK. 

In this first edition, applications came from four different countries and several technologies were proposed: Onol with a microencapsulated cannabinoid food supplement; Nesto with an IoT system for gas distribution; Easy Biopsy with a point of care system for cancer metastasis detection; Go Clean with a filter for the removal of heavy metals in water; and Best Health with a glue-free adhesive. Graphenest –  Portugal Ventures funded company that provides graphene-based solutions at an industrial level -  entered the acceleration stage directly, and will also join Easy Biopsy, Go Clean and Best Health, as the four chosen startups to be accelerated.

Focused to be a global ecosystem, with a base in the North of Portugal, the promoters are undertaking several missions to connect with startups, companies, investors and experts across Europe, Asia, or Israel. Next week it is time to take StartupNano to Boston, USA, which is recognised as the global centre of technology innovation, and home to universities such as MIT and Harvard.   

Incubation at StartupNano will give startups access at lower cost to the unique laboratories and expertise in nanotechnology from INL, CeNTI and the business experience of Startup Braga, with already 80+ startups supported, plus a network of industry partners, making it a one of a kind ecosystem around nanotechnology innovation in the world.

A new edition is about to arrive in 2017 and  we are s already looking for the most exciting and promising nanotechnology-based ideas in the world. More information will be available at the official website:

StartupNano is promoted by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) and the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI), in partnership with Startup Braga and the University of Minho. The program is leveraged by an ecosystem for nanotechnology in the North of Portugal, where is located INL’s high-tech research environment formed by state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies, built by Portuguese and Spanish governments in the city of Braga in 2010.

StartupNano is co-financed by European Union Funds, through NORTE 2020.

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