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15th IUVSTA Nano-Optics School at INL

Published 15-04-2016


The 15th IUVSTA Nano-Optics School took place at INL from April 11-15. About 65 participants attended lectures on topics like Nanoscopy; Super-resolution imaging/nano-imaging and microscopy techniques, near-field and far-field; Nano-plasmonics, nano-optical trapping., bio-plasmonic; Nano-(bio)photonics; Ultrafast and nonlinear optical process; Single-molecule techniques, optical spectroscopies; Solid state lighting, human-centric lighting; and Applications in biophysics and medicine. The full program is available Read more

The Urban Algae Folly project comes to its end

Published 10-03-2016


The Urban Algae Folly project has now come to its end. The Urban Algae Folly was installed in a collaborative project comprising the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, the City of Braga, and the Foundation Francisco Manuel dos Santos. During the month of March the live structure will be dismantled.

Since November 17th 2015, the day of the inauguration, many people have visited the Praça da República, in the centre of Braga, to look at the Folly and to try to find out more about this live architecture. For over four months the Folly stirred the curiosity and attent...

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INL filed the largest number of requests from Portugal for patents in 2015

Published 03-03-2016


The INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory filed 8 request for Patents in 2015 to the EPO – European Patent Office. That makes INL the organisation in Portugal that filed the largest number of requests in 2015. 

“We have submitted several patents for the development of novel sensors, comprising different technologies, involving microfluidics and  magnetoresistive sensors. We have also submitted four patents in the area of energy related to batteries and solar cells”, advised Lars Montelius, Director-general of INL.

The patent requests filed are techn...

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Nano World Cancer Day 2016 Open Press Conference at INL Feb 2nd

Published 25-01-2016


The INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory hosted the Portugal's Nano World Cancer Day 2016 event in Braga, February 2nd.

The Nano World Cancer Day 2016 is a pan-European event organized in the framework of the World Cancer Day (February 4th). It aims to amplify awareness about Nanomedicine and its ability to introduce new opportunities and game changers in the fight against cancer. It is achieved through simultaneous press conferences in 12 countries across Europe. 

Attending the Nano World Cancer Day press conferences is a chanc...

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