Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer

For Industry


As an International Research organization at the forefront of Nanotechnology, INL offers multiple cooperation mechanisms with the industry to jointly generate knowledge and disruptive technologies. Cooperation is usually tailored-made to industry demands and includes services that vary from individual R&D projects to multisponsored/consortia joint ventures.

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Licenses Opportunities

Riding on its qualified team of researchers INL produces highly valuable proprietary research materials that result from many hours of investigation. These chemical intermediates, engineering components and biomolecues are priceless items that may be successfully introduced in partner businesses and industries through licensing agreements or more ambitious Joint initiatives.

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Investment Opportunities

INL fosters cooperation with Industrial key player and investors for the development of Nanotechnology based products and technologies. In this sense, INL offers different investment opportunities, investment funds and methodologies that will certainly satisfy the demands of Nanotechnology stakeholders.

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Advising external Investors interested on Nanotechnology & Nanoscience

Nanoscale science and engineering is a growing focus of exciting research and discovery. Many experts in business, science and academia consider this emerging discipline the base of the next industrial revolution and the next stock market super growth area. On the other hand, some investors are wary of a nanotechnology boom and don’t feel themselves confident about the potential and risks associated to this technology.

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We are currently designed a completed list of tailored-made services for Industry and Investors interested in Nanosciences, including:

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