Advanced top-down micro- and nanofabrication capabilities to make devices down to 10nm features and a superior nanoscale chracterisation unit complemented with a central biochemistry and a packaging laboratory.

The INL campus is set in a 47.000 m2 area of land in one of the best areas of Braga, close to the Gualtar campus of Minho University, extending along one of the main city avenues up to the East River, and next to municipal sport and leisure grounds and a residential neighbourhood.

It will have a built area of about 26,000 m2, comprising advanced special installations and several laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, among which will be a class 100/1000 Central Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room of circa 700 m2.

  • Wet and Dry PI Laboratories

    Wet Labs are laboratory spaces closer to group office space, available for PIs and their research teams to install and use equipment for synthesis, catalysis, and other wet chemistry experiments. Dry Labs are laboratories also available for PIs and their research teams to install and use equipment for characterization and dry experiment techniques

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  • Cleanroom

    The INL Cleanroom has 7 bays. It comprises approximately 450 m2 of Class 1000 and 150 m2 of Class 100. The INL Cleanroom offers Micro-and Nanofabrication solutions for 200 mm wafers down to small-sized sample pieces.

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  • High Accuracy Laboratories

    The High Accuracy Laboratories allow in-house detailed structural characterisation of thin films, interfaces and nanostructures.

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  • Biology and Biochemistry Facility

    The Central Biology and Biochemistry facility provides support for groups developing research in these areas, including specific facilities for Molecular Biology and Microbiology.

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