Alexandre Chícharo

PhD Student

Alexandre Chícharo obtained his BSc and MSc Degree in Biomedical Engineering (2012) from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. As an undergraduate student he enrolled an international exchange program in São Paulo University (Brasil) and introduced in scientific research in mutagenesis of ganglion cells (2008). In his master thesis at INESC-MN he worked on a portable reading device for automatic quantification of magnetically labelled biomolecules in lateral flow rapid-tests, using magnetic field microsensors.

In December 2013 he joined INL in the Nanoelectronics group as a PhD student within the InveNNta Project, where his research is dedicated on the development of detection tools for enumerating circulating tumor cells (CTCs) labelled with magnetic nanoparticles. Magnetoresistive sensors are integrated with microfluidic channels to achieve single cell detection on a miniaturized cytometer for cancer stage prognosis in metastatic patients.

Selected Publications

  • S. Cardoso , D. C. Leitao, T.M. Dias, J. Valadeiro, M.D. Silva, A. Chicharo, V. Silverio, J. Gaspar and P.P. Freitas.
    Challenges and trends in magnetic sensor integration with microfluidics for biomedical applications
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2017