Ashok R. Patel

Research Fellow
Food Processing

Ashok Patel is currently working as a Marie Curie Cofund Fellow in the Food Processing Group at INL. After earning his PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai, India), Dr. Patel relocated to Netherlands in 2009 to join Unilever R&D Vlaardingen as a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow and later shifted his base to Belgium as a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant Fellow. His past and current research is focused on creating novel structured systems including oleogels, colloidal particles and complex emulsions for applications in food systems. He has more than 50 ‘first-authored’ publications in the area of food colloid science including original papers, reviews, book chapters, patents and a single-authored book.

He is involved in the scientific committees of AOCS Annual Meetings, FSFF Symposium and ICFP biannual conferences. He is also currently on the editorial board of Springer journal – Food Biophysics.
At INL, Dr. Patel aims to work on his ambitious project of developing complex colloidal particles that carry and deliver fat-binding agents to the intestine. It is his hypothesis that by controlling the de-structuring of these particles in the intestine, the release of the fat-binding agents can be matched to different steps of fat digestion for an efficient multi-step binding that will eventually lead to an overall reduction in fat absorption.
In keeping with the motto of INL that is “Creating value at the smallest scale to tackle challenges at the grandest scale”, this project aims at exploring the feasibility of innovating at the colloidal scale to solve the global social issue of obesity.

Selected Publications