David Soriano

Research Fellow
Theory of Quantum Nanostructures

David Soriano is currently postdoctoral researcher of the Quantum Materials, Science and Technology Department at INL. Dr. Soriano focuses his research in the areas of 2D materials, quantum technologies, spin-orbitronics and topological insulators.

He has a PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the University of Alicante (SPAIN). Before joining INL, Dr. Soriano has been postdoctoral and staff researcher at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) in Barcelona from 2011 – 2016, where he has worked on developing new methodologies to study spin relaxation in Graphene and Topological Insulators in the group of Prof. Stephan Roche. He is a member of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (RSEF) and belongs to the Solid State Physics Division.

Selected Publications

  • David Soriano, Dinh Van Tuan, Simon M-M Dubois, Martin Gmitra, Aron W. Cummings, Denis Kochan, Frank Ortmann, Jean-Christophe Charlier, Jaroslav Fabian and Stephan Roche
    Spin transport in hydrogenated graphene
    2D Materials 2, 022002 (2015)