Junjie Li

Research Fellow
Nanostructured Materials

Junjie Li obtained his PhD (2015) in Nano Physics from East China Normal University under the supervision of Prof. Sumei Huang (East China Normal University, China) and Prof. Ikuhara (Tohoku University, Japan), based on his work on atomic scale characterization of defect complex at oxide heterointerfaces and ultra-small clusters. During his PhD stage, he was sponsored by Chinese government and Prof. Ikuhara to study in Prof. Ikuhara’s group in Tohoku University for about two and half years (2012-2015). His research at Tohoku University involved fabrication of thin film heterojunctions using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and magnetron sputtering technology and atomic scale structural characterization by advanced electron microscopy. In January 2016, he moved to INL as a postdoctoral fellow to work on advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy of 2D dimensional materials and In situ electron microscopy.

Selected Publications

  • Sourik Mondal, Thattarathody Rajesh, Basab B Dhar, Markus Snellman, Junjie Li, Francis Leonard Deepak, R. Nandini Devi.
    Understanding alloy structure and composition in sinter-resistant AgPd@SiO2 encapsulated catalysts and their effect on catalytic properties.
    Submitted, 2017.