Lorena García-Hevia

Research Fellow

Lorena García Hevia joined Manuel Bañobre’s Group as a research fellow. Her research is focused on developing and validating strategies of selective magnetic hyperthermia (MH) therapies in different in vitro and in vivo approaches.
She is a bachelor in biology from the University of Oviedo and she received her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine from the University of Cantabria (2016) under the supervision of Prof. Mónica L. Fanarraga. During her thesis, she demonstrated the anti-proliferative, anti-migratory and pro-apoptotic effects of carbon nanotubes in vitro and anti-tumoral effects in murine cancer models.
She carried out a postdoctoral training at the Stephenson Cancer Center, (USA) to investigate the anti-tumoral effects of gold nanoparticles in cancer cell spheroids.

Selected Publications

  • L. García-Hevia, F. Fernández, C. Grávalos, A. García, J. C. Villegas and M. L. Fanarraga (2014) Nanotube interactions with microtubules: implications for cancer medicine. Nanomedicine (Lond), 9:15818
  •  L. García-Hevia, R. Valiente, JL. FernándezLuna, E. Flahaut, L. RodríguezFernández, J. C. Villegas, J. González and M. L. Fanarraga (2015) Inhibition of Cancer Cell Migration by Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 4:16401644
  • L. García-Hevia, R. Valiente, J. González, JL. FernándezLuna, J. C. (2015) Villegas and M. L. Fanarraga. Anticancer Cytotoxic Effects of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes. Curr. Pharm Des. 21:19201929
  • L. García-Hevia, J. C. Villegas, F. Fernández, I. Casafont, J. González, R. Valiente and M. L. Fanarraga (2016) Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes inhibit tumor progression in a mouse model. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 5(9):10807.
  • L. García-Hevia, R. Valiente, R. MartínRodríguez, C. ReneroLecuna, J. González L. RodríguezFernández, F. Aguado, J. C. Villegas and M. L. Fanarraga (2016) Nano ZnO leads tubulin macrotube assembly and actin bundling triggering cytoskeletal catastrophe and cell necrosis. NanoScale 8(21):1096373.
  • L. García-Hevia, F. Fernández, I. Casafont, J. C. Villegas and M. L. Fanarraga (2016) A fast, reliable and cost-effective method to generate tumor organs for therapy screening in vivo. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 2 035009.