Marisa P. Sarria

Research Fellow
Water Quality 

P. Sarria joined INL in 2015 as a Marie Curie COFUND Research Fellow, integrating the Life Sciences department. Her investigation focus in the areas of (Eco)Nanotoxicology and Marine Nanotechnology. She is currently co-responsible of the (Eco)NanoTox and Biocentral laboratories.

Marisa P. Sarria had her graduation at University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) in 2005. For the excellence of her academic path, she was granted with three merit awards. In 2006, she had a post-graduation in Hydrobiology at University of Porto, and worked as technical researcher at CIIMAR (Porto, Portugal). In 2011 she obtained a PhD degree in Biology with distinction, at University of Porto. From 2012-2014, she was a post-doctoral researcher at University of Minho, collaborating in the large-scale European project NANOFOL, committed to develop nanobiodevices for integrated theranostic targeting human diseases. There, she was co-responsible for the establishment of a zebrafish facility. Marisa has co-authored 13 publications and co-supervised several Uc-projects, Msc thesis and doctoral lab rotation programs.

Selected Publications