José Miguel Cunha

MsC Student
Nanofabrication for Optoelectronic Applications

José Miguel Cunha is currently a master’s student in Nanofabrication for Optoelectronic Application’s group. The main focus of his master’s thesis work is the study of the best passivation material for thin film solar cells. The recombination losses happening in the solar absorber interfaces are one of promising opportunities to increase the solar cell electrical performance as the electrical passivation can vastly suppress recombination losses. In order to conduct the passivation layer study, Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor (MIS) structures have been developed to do the electrical characterization together with other techniques, specifically Raman, X-ray diffraction and Photoluminescence measurements to support the information provided by electrical measurements.

He has a bachelor degree in Micro and Nanotechnologies Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon. In 2016, he was a summer student at INL with the project “Fabrication of Micro-Patterned Substrates for Concentrated Micro Solar Cells” supervised by Dr. Pedro Salomé. During his period at the Faculty with the interest of soft skills development, in 2016 he was the CEO of iNOVAfuture, a junior enterprise of the faculty; in 2015, he was part of the Students Association’s Direction; and in 2015, he performed an internship at CENIMAT|i3N in the Faculty with the project entitled “Printed electrochromic devices”, namely the development of ECTFT’s (Electrochromic thin film transistors), under the orientation of Dr. Luís Pereira.