Mohammad Tarequzzaman

Research Fellow

M. Tarequzzaman currently working as a Research Fellow in the Spintronics Group (Nanoelectronics department) within the Spinicur Marie Curie Early Stage Training Network under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Ferreira & Prof. Paulo Freitas. His research is mainly focused on Fabrication and Characterization of Spin Hall Nano-Oscillator Devices.

Previously, he received his Master in Physics from Lund University, Sweden. During his master thesis, he worked under the supervision of Associate Professor Ivan Maximov. His work was focused on nanoimprint lithography applications of metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon. His work gave particular emphasis on the stamp fabrication in wet etching process. During his master´s, he has also worked as a summer project intern in the Lund Nano Lab for the project, “Development of a NIL-based method to pattern SiNx mask for selective epitaxial growth”. He has adequate practical knowledge on operating various cleanroom equipment such as PVD deposition system (Timaris FTM, MTM), DWL, ion beam etching system, magnetic annealer system, VSM, SEM, FIB, AFM, high frequency measurement system, ellipsometer, thermal evaporator, and plasma asher

Selected Publication

  • J. D. Costa, S. Serrano-Guisan, J. Borme, F. L. Deepak, M. Tarequzzaman, E. Paz, J. Ventura, R. Ferreira and P.P. Freitas
    Impact of MgO thickness on the performance of spin transfer torque nano-oscillators
    IEEE Trans. Magn., 51, 11 (2015)