Vasco Martins

Research Fellow
Food Processing

Vasco Martins is a Research Fellow in the Food Processing Group. His research is focused on the development of new micro and nano encapsulation systems based on food-grade biopolymers using different technologies, to enhance bioactivity and improve the bioavailability of functional compounds for controlled release. His main goal is to apply the nano-encapsulated compounds for the functionalization of bio-based materials to develop novel smart bio-based surfaces for different applications.

Vasco holds both graduation (2014) and Master (2016) degree in Medicinal Chemistry from University of Beira Interior (UBI). His previous work in this area, specially his master thesis work, the research project developed at INL “Active Cellulose/Ethyl Cellulose Bi-layer Films: Development and Characterization” (2016), and the previous project “ARMA4VESPA” that he was involved at INL (2017-2019), allowed him to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the following areas: production/extraction of bioactive compounds, biopolymers, paper-based materials, micro and nano encapsulation in drug delivery systems and packaging systems, 3D molecular modelling, assessment of in vitro bioactivity and physical and chemical characterization techniques.

Selected Publications