Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer

For Researchers

Materials Transfer

INL’s cutting-edge activities always generate research materials, such as chemical building blocks, cell lines, engineering components, nuclei acids derivatives and other valuable proprietary materials related to the laboratory research areas.

All these reagents and intermediates of the research rely on many hours of investigation and may play a significant role in multiple research lines. At INL we consider them priceless items for others, including public institutions and private companies involved in research activities.

The aforementioned proprietary materials can be transferred for non-commercial activities from INL to other institution after previous negotiation and signature of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). The execution of a MTA basically stipulates what are the materials transferred and it determines how the recipient will use them. Additionally, the MTA also provides INL with liability and Intellectual Property rights. If the recipient wishes to use the materials for commercial purposes, he/she will have to get a license.

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