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Marta Oliveira

Staff Researcher


Marta Oliveira received both her BS in Biology (2001) and her PhD (2007) in Biomedical Sciences, speciality Immunology, from the University of Porto (UP), Portugal. Marta’s PhD focused on the study of molecular interactions at the cell surface of T lymphocytes and was developed at the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, UP, in collaboration with the University of Oxford. She then moved to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UP, as a Post-doctoral fellow, to work in the field of inflammatory response to biomaterials and its impact on tissue regeneration. During that period, Marta also started working in the area of cancer research, addressing the role of macrophages on cancer cell invasion, with the aim of designing new and more efficient anti-cancer therapeutic strategies. In 2014 Marta joined INL as a Staff Researcher to work on microfluidic-based systems to detect rare tumor cells in body fluids and study cellular interactions taking place at the tumor microenvironment. The development of nanoparticle-based metastatic cancer therapies will also be pursued.

Selected Publications

Maciel J*, Oliveira MI*, Colton E, McNally AK, Anderson JM, Barbosa MA. Adsorbed fibrinogen enhances production of bone- and angiogenic-related factors by monocytes/macrophages. Tissue Engineering Part A. January 2014, 20(1-2): 250-263. doi:10.1089/ten.tea.2012.0439. (* equal contribution authors).

Cardoso AP, Pinto ML, Pinto AT, Oliveira MI, Pinto MT, Gonçalves R, Relvas JB, Seruca R, Mareel M, Barbosa MA, Oliveira MJ. Macrophages stimulate gastric and colorectal cancer cell invasion: a mechanism involving EGFRY1086, cSrc, Erk1/2, Akt phosphorylation and smallGTPase activity. Oncogene, 2014;33(16):2123-33

Oliveira MI, Santos SG, Oliveira MJ, Torres AL, Barbosa, MA. Chitosan drives anti-inflammatory macrophage polarization and pro-inflammatory dendritic cell stimulation. Eur Cells Mater, 2012; 24:136-52.

Oliveira MI, Gonçalves CM, Pinto M, Fabre S, Santos AM, Lee SF, Castro MA, Nunes RJ, Barbosa RR, Parnes JR, Yu C, Davis SJ, Moreira A, Bismuth G, Carmo AM. CD6 attenuates early and late signaling events, setting thresholds for T cell activation. Eur J Immunol, 2012; 42(1):195-205.

James JR, Oliveira MI, Carmo AM, Iaboni A, Davis SJ. A rigorous experimental framework for detecting protein oligomerization using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer. Nat. Methods, 2006; 3: (12):1001-6.