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Dmitri Petrovykh

Staff Researcher


Dmitri Y. Petrovykh has earned an undergraduate degree in Physics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1995. In 1999, his graduate research with Prof. Franz J. Himpsel on the self-assembly and characterization of low-dimensional nanostructures has been recognized by the Best Student Paper award from the Nanometer-scale Science and Technology Division of AVS. In 2000, Dmitri has received a Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin and joined the University of Maryland, initially to develop passivation and functionalization of semiconductor surfaces for chemical and biological sensing. His pioneering work in establishing quantitative analysis of DNA films has been recognized in 2003 by the Best Paper award from the international Surface Analysis conference. In 2011, Dr. Petrovykh became a Principal Investigator at INL, where his work in the area of nanobiotechnology is focused on the rational design and quantitative analysis of biointerfaces. He is particularly interested in elucidating the interactions between biomolecules and surfaces, which are important in biosensors, microarrays, programmed self-assembly of nanostructures, and bioinspired materials.

Selected recent publications:

Impact of DNA–Surface Interactions on the Stability of DNA Hybrids,
S. M. Schreiner, A. L. Hatch, D. F. Shudy, D. R. Howard, C. Howell, J. Zhao, P. Koelsch, M. Zharnikov, D. Y. Petrovykh, A. Opdahl,
Anal. Chem. 83, 4288 (2011)

Vibrational Circular-Dichroism Spectroscopy of Homologous Cyclic Peptides Designed to Fold into β Helices of Opposite Chirality,
J. L. Kulp III, J. C. Owrutsky, D. Y. Petrovykh, K. P. Fears, R. Lombardi, L. A. Nafie, T. D. Clark,
Biointerphases 6, 1 (2011)

Surface Composition, Chemistry, and Structure of Polystyrene Modified by Electron-Beam-Generated Plasma,
E. H. Lock, D. Y. Petrovykh, P. Mack, T. Carney, R. G. White, S. G. Walton, R. F. Fernsler,
Langmuir 26, 8857 (2010)

Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethiols on InAs,
D. Y. Petrovykh, J. C. Smith, T. D. Clark, R. Stine, L. A. Baker, L. J. Whitman,
Langmuir, 25, 12185 (2009)

Nucleobase Orientation and Ordering in Films of Single-Stranded DNA on Gold
D. Y. Petrovykh, V. Pérez-Dieste, A. Opdahl, H. Kimura-Suda, J. M. Sullivan, M. J. Tarlov, F. J. Himpsel, L. J. Whitman,
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 2 (2006)