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João Piteira

Staff Researcher


João Piteira has over 20 years of industrial and commercial semiconductor product development experience, most recently as manager of Integration Associates Inc. design center in Portugal (now, Silicon Laboratories Inc.). Over these years he started and led design teams to develop and market several complete IC designs for communication and consumer markets that turned millions of units in production, like the Bluetooth PMU headset design.
His areas of interest are the design of mixed-signal design in deep submicron technologies of complete system-on-a-chip solutions with increasing level of integration including sensors and actuators. He joined INL with the aim to start and coordinate a transversal Analog mixed-signal design team supporting INL research activity in three main fields: Spintronics, MEMS and Thin-Film Semiconductors. In addition, his research activities will focus on sensor interface architectures and design of complete IC solutions allowing integration of these nano-devices for applications like reconfigurable loic cells, CMOS RF-oscillators and energy harvesting.