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Marina Brito

Staff Researcher


Marina Brito received her degree in Biochemistry from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia at Coimbra University, Portugal, in 2006. Integrated in this degree she did an internship at IBMC, where she worked on the description of molecular mechanisms involved in FAP disease (Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy) development as well as in the identification of new disease’s biomarkers. In 2006 she started the Biology and Biomedicine Ph.D. Program (PDBEB) in the University of Coimbra. From 2007 to 2011 she developed her thesis research at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), in collaboration with Institute Pasteur and Mauna-Kea Technologies. Her research activities included two different projects: the study of signaling pathways, namely cAMP/PKA cascade involved in the reward system, where she performed pharmacological studies to bring new insights about the dopamine receptors activations and signaling in different regions of the brain; and the development of a new imaging technique FRET using an optical fiber prototype in collaboration with Mauna Kea Technologies. This new method it is allows the recording of dual emission biosensors signals in real-time, in the deep rain of living animals. In 2011 she got her Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience from Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France. Afterwards, she continued to work on the optimization the FRET in vivo technique, as researcher at UPMC until 2012. She returned to Portugal to study Project Management at Porto Business School, and in July 2013 she joined INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, where her research will be focused on the development of biomarkers for atherosclerotic plaque in intervention on cardiology.

Selected publications

• Cardoso I, Brito M, Saraiva MJ. “Extracellular matrix markers for disease progression and follow-up of therapies in familial amyloid polyneuropathy V30M TTR-related”; Dis Markers. 2008; 25(1):37-47.

• R.V. Castro* L, Brito M* ,Guiot E, Polito M, W Korn C, Hervé D, Girault JA, Paupardin-Tritsch D, Vincent P -”Striatal neurones have a specific ability to respond to phasic dopamine release.”, * co-first authors. J Physiol July 1, 2013 591 (13) 3197-3214; published ahead of print April 3, 2013

• Vincent P, Castro L R V, Gervasi N, Guiot E, Brito M, Paupardin-Tritsch D - “PDE4 Control on cAMP/PKA Compartmentation Revealed by Biosensor Imaging in Neurons”; Horm Metab Res 2012; 44: 786–789.

• Brito M, Elvire Guiot, and Pierre Vincent - “Imaging PKA Activation Inside Neurons in Brain Slice Preparations”, Protein Kinase Technologies, Neuromethods, vol. 68, Chapter 13, New York 2012.