Nanomedicine Microfluidic devices for drug metabolism

The increasing pace of drug discovery leads to rapid advances in drug screening. Traditional methods for drug screening and testing is time-consuming, labor intensive, animal scarifying, and low throughput (e.g., a single test for a single concentration). Miniaturization, application of nanotechnology to drug screening can reduce the cost of drug discovery. 

An emerging interest of applying microfluidic-based technology in biological research makes the field of microfluidics develop rapidly. Microfluidics has shown tremendous promise in biomedical application, and also serve as an emerging tool for understanding disease biology. Microfluidic based platforms can be valuable for disease investigation and drug screening due to their characteristics of low cost, high sensitivity, high throughput, less reagent consumption, portability, and potential on disposable use. 


The research interests of this project focus on developing microfluidic platforms for drug screening or other biomedical analysis. 

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