Nanomedicine Advanced Ellipsometry

Thin film fabrication and characterization forms one of the cornerstones of modern nanotechnology. Optical models of these thin films often require more complexity than an isotropic model in order to describe device application. With this project we focuses on the application of ellipsometry, a well-known nanocharacterization technique exploiting the polarization alteration of alight beam reflected off a surface, to reveal optical anisotropy of thin films.

At INL we have introduced a new variant of spectroscopic imaging ellipsometer that delivers improved thin film anisotropy measurements on a microscopic scale with strongly improved performance at the solid-liquid interface.[1] We have applied this system for the spatially resolved determination of lipid bilayer optical anisotropy. Ongoing efforts are focused on the goal to differentiate lipid molecules incorporated in a lipid bilayer based on their optical anisotropy.



1. Miranda A, De Beule PAA. Microscopic thin film optical anisotropy imaging at the solid-liquid interface. Rev Sci Instrum; 2016:87(4):043701.

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