Nanomedicine Combined Microscopies

The widespread availability of a variety of medical imaging technologies has constituted one of the driving forces behind the revolution in medical diagnosis over the last century. As of today, disease diagnosis often results from a combination of medical examinations that present a multiplexed view of the patient’s medical condition to the medical doctor. Similarly, the development of new medical treatment procedures has benefitted and will profit greatly from the widespread availability of new advances in microscopy that provide crucial new insights into human cell biology. These advances are spread over the realms of optical, electron and Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).

The Applied Nano-Optics Laboratory team has developed a new variant of combined microscopy, based on a fluorescence optical sectioning microscopy module and atomic force microscopy (AFM), a well-known variant of SPM.[1] By creating a time independent fluorescence excitation light illumination of the AFM cantilever, we enable the simultaneous recording of fluorescence optically sectioned images and various AFM recording modes. We envision that this development will have a significant impact in the study of live-cell signalling processing in cellular biology.


1. Miranda A, Martins M, De Beule PAA. Simultaneous differential spinning disk fluorescence optical sectioning microscopy and nanomechanical mapping atomic force microscopy. Rev Sci Instrum. 2015; 86(9):093705.