Nanoelectronics Spin-torque induced radio-frequency dynamics

Spin-torque induced radio-frequency dynamics is an emerging field of spintronics and has a wide range of CMOS compatible potential applications. The first predicted application of the so-called ‘Spin transfer oscillators’ (STOs) was a potential rf source, where the dc current excited steady state oscillations generate a GHz voltage signal due to the tunneling magnetoresistance, as the non-linear nature of the oscillators, coupled with the significantly smaller size, offered a real advantage over the existing technologies. Although in recent years the enhancement of the spectral properties has presented a significant obstacle, new and exciting applications have been conceived which do not rely so heavily on the spectral purity, including magnetic field sensors, radio-frequency detectors, frequency shift-keying and novel bio-inspired neuromorphic architecture.

At INL, we are using the state of the art clean room facilities, coupled with our in-depth knowledge on the fabrication of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs), in order to design, fabricate, characterize and ameliorate potential candidates as STNOs for the next generation of radio-frequency spintronics applications.