Nanoelectronics Spintronic Integrated Microfluidic Platforms for Environmental and Biomedical Applications


The research interests are focused on the development and optimization of integrated magnetoresistive biochip platforms where the magnetic sensing unit, the biochemical interface, the macro/micro-fluidic system (i.e. sample preparation, analyte concentration, fluid transport), and the electronic data read-out and automation are combined in an easy-to-use portable device. The system integration is aimed at making them fit for work in a typical user environment (point-of-care, point-of-use), without the need for sample transportation and expert technical intervention. To succeed in this challenge a number of key aspects are identified, and already started to be addressed. We are focused in the biofunctionalization of the chip surface with active and more efficient biorecognition agents (e.g. DNA aptamers, monoclonal antibodies and antibodies fragments, FAb’s), macro-micro environment interface, sample loading, preparation and transportation inside the device, usually via microfluidic structures, the scalability of the detection features, seeking high throughput applications and finally improvements on the electronic control of the system. Current targeted applications includes the rapid and sensitive detection of water-borne and food-borne microbial pathogens (e.g. Salmonella and E. coli), and quantitative determination of biomarkers in clinical samples evaluation.