Nanoelectronics Integration of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Standard CMOS

The ability to integrate the Spintronic devices in standard CMOS wafers is a fundamental step for large-scale production, dissemination and commercialization of the research produced at INL. Furthermore, Spintronics and CMOS technology can be integrated to create hybrid devices with functionalities which are not available in any of the two individual technologies.

The Magnetic Tunnel Junctions produced at INL can perform specific functions (magnetic field sensing, information storage, high-frequency operation) which require the optimization of specific features (ex: power consumption, signal to noise ratio, spatial resolution), which will be used as design parameters for the CMOS circuits.

In order to achieve a successful integration two objectives are being pursuit in parallel:

1) The development of a back end process aiming the growth, nanofabrication and interconnection of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions on common CMOS multi-project wafers and chips. This tasks is supported by the micro and nanofabrication systems and advanced characterization tools installed on INL’s Cleanroom and High Accuracy Laboratories respectively.

2) The creation of a package that includes design rules and models of the devices manufactured to be provided to circuit designers. Definition of a design rule package and equivalent electrical models that enable CMOS circuit designers to integrate and model the behavior of the magnetic tunnel junctions produced at INL. This tasks is supported by INL’s RF Electrical Characterization Laboratory.

Some systems requiring the integration with CMOS are already being pursuit :

- Oscillator based on Spin Transfer across Magnetic Tunnel Junction stacks, through a collaboration involving INL, INESC-MN, FC/UP and IFIMUP

- A new generation of Hybrid Spintronics-MEMS accelerometers with a reduced CMOS footprint in cooperation with INL’s MEMS and Micro Energy Harvesting Devices group

- Dense MR device arrays for magnetic imaging applications