Nanoelectronics Platform for detection of magnetic nanoparticles on rough surfaces


The research project aims at the development of a portable platform allowing acquisition of signal from magnetoresistive sensors, with requirement of compacity and ease of use. Measured signal comes from nanoparticles dispensed on the surface to be measured, which are exited by a field source embedded in the platform. Signal can be detected using typical magnetoresistive sensors like spin-valves and magnetic tunnel junctions. Signal can then acquired by included electronics. Process is being developed to integrate sensors in Wheatstone bridge to allow better measurement of the electric signal and reduce temperature drifts. Projected platform should should be able to work either as an independent platform using permanent magnet as a magnetic field source or. As a future step, using coils to produce the field would allow to measure the noise at higher frequencies, therefore reducing the electronic noise. Key points to be addressed are robustness of the platform to be used in nondestructive testing applications, and reliability of the measurement.  Current applications include the detection of craks on surfaces in aeronautical industry.