Nanoelectronics Nanospintronics in graphene and carbon based Semiconductors

The main goal of this project is to understand the spin physics in Graphene, and other carbon based semiconductor nanostructures, like carbon nanotubes as well as in  organic semiconductors in general.  Most of spintronic devices combine active parts made, spin-polarized materials, with passive interconnects, made of non-magnetic conductors.  In principle,  carbon-based semiconductors seem ideally suited to work as passive interconnects, on account of their small spin-orbit coupling and low nuclear spin density. Thus, we are studying spin relaxation in these systems, which would be the main limiting factor for their functionality. On the other hand,  some graphene nanostructures are expected to present ferromagnetic order, which would permit to use them as active materials in spintronics.

External collaborations: S. Fratini (CNRS Grenoble), J. Jung (UT Texas), D. Gosálbez (UA). J. J. Palacios (UAM).