Nanoelectronics Graphene and other 2D materials devices

We have been working on optimizing and stabilizing the process for CVD graphene growth on Cu foil and Cu thin film on SiO2/Si substrates. We used an electrochemical process for the graphene transfer that allows to re-use the Cu foil substrate. We developed clean room photo- and e-beam lithography processes that are fully compatible with graphene and fabricated bottom gate GFETs. We are fabricating photonic crystals operating in the THz that will be the basis of graphene plasmonic structures that will be considered for use as biosensors. The arrival to INL of a hot wall CVD furnace will allow several improvements to the research being done. First, the quality of the graphene is expected to be better with the new furnace as it allows a growth at higher temperature. This furnace will come equipped to fabricate h-BN, the preferred dielectric for pairing with graphene. Further along the way we plan to extend our range of materials to other 2D systems such as MoS¬2 which has a bandgap of 1.8 eV and could be the perfect successor to a-Si:H and ZnO for the fabrication of the TFT arrays.