Nanoelectronics Modeling spin transport and control in devices of graphene and other 2D crystals

The goal of this project is to understand the generation and control of spin currents in 2D dimensional systems using existing computational and theoretical techniques as well as developing new ones. The generation of pure spin currents holds the promise of dissipationless electronics and is being actively explored in a wide class of magnetic materials. The generation of spin currents in graphene and related two dimensional materials is related to the exotic properties of their conduction electrons, that behave like Dirac particles.

In addition, graphene was initially proposed to behave as a Quantum Spin Hall Insulator (or two dimensional topological insulator) which makes it a good candidate for a material to transport spin currents. In this project we shall study of topological properties, piezospintronics effects, spin-relaxation mechanisms in graphene and similar two dimensional systems, having in mind the possibility of inducing and controlling pure spin currents without charge flow.