Nanomachines & Nanomanipulation 2D Nanomaterials

2D Nanomaterials (ex: Transition metal chalcogenides - MoS2, WS2 and BN) are actively pursued for various applications ranging from light harvesting, catalysis, energy storage, optoelectronic and thermoelectric devices. Although there are a large number of polytypes observed in the case of the transition metal chalcogenides (TMDs) the most notable experimentally observed polytypes in the case of MoS2 and WS2 based on the stacking sequence of the layers are either a hexagonal polymorph with two layers in the unit cell- 2H (P63/mmc) symmetry, rhombohedral with three molecular layers in the unit cell layers—3R (R3m) symmetry and the less common trigonal with one layer—1T. The investigations on 2D-TMDs systems will enable identification of the atomic structure, various polymorphs, hybrid structures, defects/dislocations and grain boundaries: crucial to elucidate their magnetic, electronic and optoelectronics properties. The focus of our investigations will be towards achieving this objective.