Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer

For Researchers

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Only innovative and commercially viable projects will be cosidered for protection and patent application. In order to get a positive finding from INL’s expert evaluation, the invention should provide sustainable competitive advantages due to its technical and commercial characteristics when compared with its competitors. In particular, INL will evaluate each invention according to the following parameters:

  1. Profitability
    • What are the immediate or future applications of the invention? Which problem does it solve?
    • Why is useful for the market?
    • Market size and features
    • Why is better than competitor’s technology? Which is the novelty improvement?
    • Licensees options
    • Expected revenues from licensees
    • Enforceability of the patent
  2. Level of success
    • How Nanotechnology and Nanosciences are involved in this technology?
    • Benchmarking it with the leading competitors
    • Stage of development of the invention
    • Previous success of the inventor
  3. Cost
    • Administration
    • Management
    • Patenting
    • Proof of Concept
    • Licensing
    • Enforcement


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