Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer

For Researchers

Reinvesting in Research

INL-TTM’s primary goal is to guarantee that research conducted at INL has a profound impact on society. The office aims to act as catalyst between INL researchers and the industry, bringing new products and technologies to the market. Here, researchers, internal experts and external stakeholders work together with perseverance, expertise and value creation in a highly creative environment

The expertise and contact network around Nanosciences, alongside experience and knowledge in the areas of technology protection, technology development and technology commercialization, are the hallmarks of INL-TTM.

Products, services and technologies on the market based on our research contribute to enhance knowledge exchange and to cultivate the recognition of INL. They also contribute to social return in some extent and help us to maintain a sustainable laboratory. At INL, generated income from INL-TTM goes towards our different 'evergreen' funds. A positive cash flow enables us to continue to make investments. Reinvesting in future highly value-added projects is the ultimate goal to assure excellence in research and outstanding researchers for the future.

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