The focus in Nanoelectronics (beyond CMOS) will be the development of technologies and devices in the “beyond CMOS” area, focusing on the development of electronic devices (semiconductor-, magnetic-, or photonic-based) that incorporate novel materials, and unconventional structures.

New electromechanical systems are required to support the previously mentioned strategic areas. These novel devices will include merging various state of the art devices and sensor technologies (spintronics, NEMS and MEMS, micro- and nanofluids, optical and semiconductor based devices) in multifunctional Microsystems and lab-on-chip platforms targeted in nanomedicine, environment monitoring and security and food quality control.

In a first stage, the nanoelectronic devices will support applications in biotechnology and medicine, as well as in environmental and food monitoring. In a second stage, it is envisaged that the nanoelectronic modules developed can be commercialized as such for incorporation in other products, thus establishing the basis for start-ups seeded by INL.

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