Nanomachines & Nanomanipulation

INL considers strategic an activity of basic “blue-sky” research in nano-machines. INL’s goal is to become one of the leaders in this field of research. Nanomachines are systems that can result from a combination of mechanical, sensorial, electronic, computational and communication functions.

This area of activity will encompass micro and nanofabricated NEMS structures (nanoactuactors, nano sensors, nano-fuel cells) targeted at single/few molecule manipulation, and biomolecule interaction detection.

The area also covers the design, synthesis and operation of molecular objects (self-assembly, biomimetic chemistry), and of instruments required to interact with these single molecule structures, such as miniaturized magnetic and optical tweezers). Externally modified self-assembly will also be a key point towards the fabrication of devices using nanoparticles as building blocks. Of major interest is the design of molecular bio-electronical devices, merging the physical principals of electronics and computer engineering with the functional and structural principles of biology.

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