INL Lifestyle

INL is a multicultural organisation composed of scientists and professionals from all over the world. INL’s unique diversity generates instant creativity and innovation, which improves the way decisions are taken. At INL we expect to embrace the benefits of a multicultural organisation through a homogeneous community, where all INLers are free to share their views, values and experience.

The creation of a multicultural and homogeneous organisation is a complex and highly demanding task, balancing INLers talent and values with the long-term strategy of the Laboratory.

INL Culture

Fruitful innovation and outstanding research demands hard work and long hours of research. Besides these essential elements, INL considers that success depends on other factors which match the Laboratory's strategy to INLer values. So the next question is … What career professional values does INL look for?

Experts: INL seeks to attract individuals who appreciate working in a highly demanding environment of high expertise, with long-term challenging projects and where technical abilities and knowledge are crucial in the decision making process.

Competitiveness: INL also welcomes people who want to join an organisation which offers opportunities to the best performers, who value work efficiency and who consider that their professional careers depend on the results and outcomes obtained.

Learning: INL aims to recruit creative individuals with a passion for teamwork, who take into consideration their own development, and who want to expand their breadth of skills through continuous learning, as well as by sharing experience with qualified workmates and colleagues.

Entrepreneurship: INL appreciates open-minded people who accept changing environments and who work with a certain autonomy and flexibility. In addition, the Laboratory recognises the value of talents able to respond quickly to new challenges, who rely on diversity and communication and who develop their networks and connections.

INL Community

INL is an inclusive community, welcoming people from all over the world, irrespective of their country, race, age or religion. From the very beginning of the INL project, the Laboratory has been truly committed to ensuring the well-being and work-life balance of its people. This continuous commitment to an international and motivated community began with the design and construction of an exclusive Campus, where INLers can share experiences and knowledge.

But the INL community is much more than just a gym, a kindergarden, a music room or even a document of rules and intentions. It is a compendium of managerial actions, online tools, social activities and events, encouraging open interaction amongst INLers with similar values and goals. It is also a space to share information, ideas and projects to prepare the ground for the breakthroughs of tomorrow through open innovation and true cooperation.