At INL, not only do we purse research excellence, but we also shift our outputs into economic and social development. We expect to advance in the frontiers of knowledge by working closely with industrial partners, universities and entrepreneurs, bringing to society new added-value solutions and applications.

The creation of these added-value impacts is directly linked to our cutting-edge research:

  • Outstanding research. Our research is done at the highest level by the most qualified people. To perform this type of research, we work with the latest infrastructures and the willingness to take risks in order to go further.
  • Balanced research. We take into account the fine balance between applied research and basic research. We understand that the right mix of the two approaches guarantees continuous progress.
  • Cooperative research. Real progress is made through the combined work of multidisciplinary teams of experts that contribute with different experiences and backgrounds.
  • Global Process. The research process starts with the identification of the opportunities and ends with the real application in the society.

Our success depends on people and the ability to create the right environment.

  • Multiculturalism as an asset. INL fosters an environment where people with different approaches, but with a common passion for technology, drive the advancement of society.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. INLers are professionals who are willing to make decisions and take risks.
  • Focus on reality. People who work constantly in close contact with the business environment and are able to understand its needs and processes.
  • Development. We support people in their willingness to progress, giving them the opportunity to work in a free environment, and taking on new and different responsibilities, while being supported through continuous training, and career advice in order to further advance their skills.
  • We strive to have a positive impact on society
  • Improve life. Our research generates clear benefits in the everyday life of society.
  • Responsibility. We follow the international code of ethics. Our developments are conducted hand in hand with projects that take into account the risk-assessment side.
  • Industry. Our research helps towards industry and technology-related developments.
  • International spirit. We foster international relationships among countries, research institutions and educational groups.

What does INL appreciate?

  • Intellect. We are an organisation that takes the lead in the formulation and articulation of ideas, applying them to the needs of our society.
  • Action focus. We are quick at making decisions based on the assessment of existing facts followed by focused and persistent action up until results are achieved.
  • Flexibility. We understand change, and therefore, we know the need to adapt, without being constrained by excessive use of existing rules
  • Creativity. We take an analytical and exploratory approach to the challenges although with an emphasis on creative options and new approaches.
  • Participation. We work on enhancing involvement and participation - an excellent performance and environment relies on teamwork.
  • Energy. We approach issues with a positive “can do” attitude and are not discouraged by problems or failures.
  • Individuals. We promote interaction to understand motives, strengths and weaknesses, in order to fully work towards the development of each individual.