Nanoelectronics Nano-ICs Group

The Nanoelectronics scientific program at INL is focusing on the research and development of electronic devices (semiconductor-, magnetic-, or photonic-based) that incorporate novel materials, and unconventional structures. These novel devices will include merging various state of the art devices and sensor technologies (Spintronics, NEMS and MEMS, micro- and nanofluids, optical and semiconductor based devices) in multifunctional Microsystems. While the research and development of those devices is scientifically meaningful on its own, we are aiming to take the complexity level of the nano-devices one step further. Cross-technology hybrid devices will be developed to combine elements from different technologies in order to explore applications that are out of the reach of each individual technology. Though the possibilities are endless we will focus the activities of newly created mixed-signal design group in the following projects: 1. Back-end process for integration of nano-devices on CMOS wafers 2. Hybrid Spintronics-CMOS Devices 3. Micro energy harvesting devices


Group manager João Piteira