Nanomachines & Nanomanipulation Advanced Electron Microscopy

The Advanced Electron Microscopy group at INL is involved in understanding the atomic structure of materials (energy related and catalytically important materials) and correlating it with their properties using a combination of electron microscopic and spectroscopic tools. Understanding the structure of materials is fundamental to exploring their various interesting properties: magnetic, optical and optoelectronic. The studies are carried out by employing the state-of-the art aberration corrected S/TEM in combination with analytical electron microscopy to provide combined atomic structure – chemical sensitive information. 

Book Chapters

Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy in Catalysis Research, Miguel Jose-Yacaman, Arturo Ponce-Pedraza, Sergio Mejía-Rosales and Francis Leonard Deepak, Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics (Academic Press), Editor: Peter Hawkes, vol. 177, pp: 279-342 (2013)

Journals and Books edited

Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy: Applications to Nanomaterials Eds: Francis Leonard Deepak, Alvaro Mayoral and Raul Arenal, Springer (2015). 


Nanomaterial Properties: Size and Shape Dependencies, Grégory Guisbiers, Sergio Mejía-Rosales, and Francis Leonard Deepak, J. Nanomaterials, Volume 2012 Articles ID 180976, 2012).

Group Publications


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Group manager Leonard Deepak Francis