Nanomedicine Ultrafast Biophotonics

In the nanomedicine research area the “Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics” group is devoted to the study of smart drug delivery systems and other innovative nanomaterials using advanced fluorescence and nonlinear spectroscopy and using and developing new imaging techniques. Besides using more established super-resolution microscopy techniques one of our main focus is to develop new superresolution techniques.

Our femtosecond laser sources can be used for lased based micro-nanofabrication, e.g. of plasmonic nanostructures or biomimetic models and a multi-photon microscope is developed for teh study of nonlinear effects in nanopartcles, as well as, for deep tissue imaging purposes.

For more information on our group activities please contact Jana B. Nieder. 

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Group manager Jana B. Nieder